Why does Autodesk Inventor generate an application error and then close (crash) when the Workbench plugin is enabled to Load on Startup in the Inventor Add-in Manager?

Possible causes are :

1. Ansys Workbench plugin (Add-in) is conflicting with an Add-in that is already loaded.

To test this, in Inventor, go to
Tools > Add-in manager and uncheck: "Loaded / Unloaded" and "Load on startup" on all other add-ins
such that the Workbench 8.1 plugin is the only one enabled. You may have to enable the other add-ins individually to determine if a specific one is causing a conflict.

2. The SAP interface to Inventor has been reported to cause this error. SAP is a business/accounting/manufacturing/inventory software.
In this case, the user uninstalled the SAP to Inventor interface to locate the problem.

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