What are the differences between EM64T and Opteron versions on ANSYS 9.0?

AMD64 and EM64T mean same technology for different
chip sets/manufacturers. AMD64 is AMD Opteron (true 64bit
system) and EM64T is Intel Xeon (32bit system) with 64bit

The customer portal has both. The differences are:
AMD Opteron Linux64 is a native Opteron port with PGI compilers.
Intel EM64T Linux 64 is a native Intel port with Intel compilers.

The customer should download AMD Opteron if he has AMD hardware.
Download the EM64T if customer has Intel hardware.

Note: Ansys90 AMD version should run on EM64T but the performance
is very poor. EM64T version will NOT run on AMD.

At Ansys10.0, both ports will be separate and can not be run on
the opposite hardware due to HPML (High Performance Math Libraries)
and the extremely poor performance when run on the wrong

PLEASE NOTE: If customer has Intel EM64T hardware, they MUST use
the AMD/EM64T Operating system. Although the 32bit O/S can be
installed on EM64T, Ansys can not be installed or run on this setup.

Use: uname -a to determine which is installed. "x86_64" should
be displayed if proper O/S for Ansys has been installed.

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