How can I create an extruded, 2-D or 2D mesh in CFX-Mesh?

The CFX-5 solver does not currently support true 2-D meshes (e.g. tri and quad meshes), but similar result can be obtained by using an extruded mesh having a thickness of one cell.

Extruded meshing was first available in ANSYS 9.0, so at least this version will be required. In order to use extruded meshing, proceed as follows:

- Change the meshing strategy to 'Extruded 2D Mesh'. In CFX-Mesh, this is located in the tree structure at:

Model > Mesh > Options > Meshing Strategy

- You will then be prompted for the surfaces defining an extruded periodic pair. This is necessary because the surface mesh needs to be identical on both sides of the extrusion. You then proceed as usual. A single layer of cells is created by default, but it is possible to specify any number of layers in the extruded direction.

Note that this is equivalent to setting the CFX5_2D_MESH environment variable for CFX-Build.

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