Why can't I create a bolt pretension section on the model that I brought from Simulation to ANSYS?

To create a pretension section in ANSYS your mesh must have a structural element type. The mesh that you brought over from Simulation currently has MESH200 (mesh only) elements. Change these elements to structural elements with the EMODIF command. Then you will be able to create the pretension section. The following simple example of ANSYS commands demonstrates the error/warning you will get if the mesh does not contain a structural element type:

!et,1,solid45 !try structural element type instead

Depending on your model this could result in an error/warning like:

*** ERROR ***
Node ### is attached to existing elements, which is not allowed for a pretension node. The PSMESH command is ignored.

*** WARNING ***
No pretension elements have been created. Please make sure that your input satisfies the pretension section definition requirements.

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