Solving in Workbench Simulation produces the following error:

Ansys - Error - An internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded. Please check your Environment for inappropriate load values or insufficient supports

The Solution Information - Solver Output (solve.out file) shows an error similar to the following :

*** ERROR *** CP = 999.999 TIME= 12:34:00
Smallest negative equation solver pivot term encountered at Ux DOF of
node NNNNNN. Check for an insufficiently constained model.

Note: Setting a different working Units in Simulation may allow the model to solve successfully.

Pivot term errors mean that a model is unconstrained.

The simplest way to troubleshoot this error is to create a modal analysis (Frequency Finder) and look for a zero body mode. The underconstrained part(s) will be red while others are blue.

1. Check for insufficient constraints.
2. Check for insufficient contact.
3. Incorrectly joined shell model. This may be due to a user error or a failed joint operation in DM.
Further troubleshoot this by turning on all contact detection options (face/face, face/edge, edge/edge) and allow Simulation to insert contact regions at the disconnected area(s).
The modal analysis (Frequency Finder) should then solve correctly and produce a result with no zero-body modes.

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