The following error message appears when running ANSYS 9.0 using *MFOURI. It successfully calculated the Fourier coefficients at release 8.1 but no longer does so at 9.0.

/COM,ANSYS RELEASE 9.0A1 UP20050128 14:16:06 03/14/2005

*** ERROR *** CP = 11.737 TIME= 14:19:19
Error in isimeq called by vopmfr. Please send data to your ANSYS
Technical Support Provider.

This error was previously reported (defect 30847) and apparently resolved as being a case of error in input (see notes below). This particular problem was resolved by modifying the input file to ensure that there were an odd number of terms (the dimensions of the MODE and ISYM arrays were odd), with the first terms of the arrays set to MODE(1)=0, ISYM(1)=0, and all subsequent terms corresponding to cos(n*theta) and sin(n*theta) terms, i.e.,



Since there are reports of input files working fine at release 8.1 that no longer work at 9.0, there may now be a requirement imposed on usage of *MFOURIER at 9.0 that were NOT needed at 8.1.

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