When attaching a Solid Edge model into Workbench Simulation or DesignModeler, I get the following errors:

Plug-in error: Unable to activate document
Cannot access specified file. No active document.

The Ansys menu is displayed in SolidEdge. A valid model is loaded in SolidEdge.
Reinstalling SolidEdge and Workbench has not resolved the problem.

The SolidEdge license level (Design and Drafting or Academic license) may be limiting access to API functionality, which is necessary for the Ansys Workbench plugin.

Solid Edge Classic - All API functions are available.
Solid Edge Design and Drafting - The Workbench plugin will only have access to the API when SE is in "Draft" mode with a Design and Drafting license.
Academic / Education license - The Workbench plugin will have access to the API with SE V16 + Update 3 with an Academic license.

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