Creating coupled set 1 works, why when I create set 2 do I get a warning that couple (CP) command is ignored?

If you use the ALL degrees of freedom option on the CP command and specify a set number of 1 (CP,1,ALL), then you will get several CP sets depending on available DOFs: CP1 for UX, CP2 for UY, CP3 for ROTZ, etc. If you then try to create couple set 2 (CP,2,ALL) the coupled set will not be created and you will get the following warning message:

*** WARNING ***
ALL option on CP command cannot modify existing coupled set 2. CP command ignored.

So, for your next CP you would need to determine the highest CP number and increment by one. OR, better yet, instead of specifying the set number in the CP command, use NEXT. CP,NEXT will use the highest defined coupled set number plus one, so you don't need to determine what that number is.

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