How do I plot a flow field as stream lines on a 2-d plane?

You can plot streamlines based on a velocity that has no component normal to the plane. For example, if you are plotting on an x-y plane, the velocity in the z direction would be 0.0 m/s. To set-up this particular case (x-y plane) in CFX-Post you would:
1. Create expressions for the velocities in the 3 directions, e.g.
Uvel = Water.Velocity in Stn Frame u
Vvel = Water.Velocity in Stn Frame v
Wvel = 0.0 [m s^-1]
2. Create a new vector variable with
"X Expression" = Uvel
"Y Expression" = Vvel
"Z Expression" = Wvel
3. Create a line within the plane on which you wish to plot. A sample line will give more even spacing
4. Create a streamline starting from the line created in 3. and using the variable created in 2. Using "Forward and Backward" may by most satisfactory.

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