I am trying to interpret the orientation of the stiffness terms on the .emat file so I can reconstruct the matrix for another application external to ANSYS. Can anyone help me convert the emat data into standard matrix form?

Please see the information below.

To: ANSYS EMAT file Readers

From: John Thompson, ANSYS Technical Support

Date: April 15, 2005

ONYX Solution 395148

Re: EMAT Stiffness Matrix Standard Package

Please find attached the initial release of the EMAT Stiffness Matrix Standard Package. This package is intended to provide guidance to users who wish to retrieve the matrices, particularly the stiffness matrix, from the .emat file.

Included in the package are:
1. A Word document that describes the interpretation of an /AUX2 dump of the emat file and the sub file.
2. An input file, ematdump.txt.
3. The output file generated by ematdump.txt, ematdump.out.
4. File emat.out, the /AUX2 dump of the emat file.
5. File sub.out, the /AUX2 dump of the sub file.

The example problem was run at ANSYS Headquarters on an HP PC Workstation running Windows 2000. Additional details of the information contained on the EMAT and SUB files can be found in the Guide to Interfacing with ANSYS. This package is intended to give users who wish to retrieve the matrices created by ANSYS without creating a Fortran program to do so. Comments, including comments on the Word documentation, are welcome. At the present time, the included example is the only known example of this application; other examples may be added in the future.

This package has been tested for release 9.0 of ANSYS. Questions concerning this should be directed to ANSYS Technical Support.

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