Customer has installed ANSYS 8.1 on a Linux machine. This machine is also it's own license server.

When the license manager for 9.0 is installed on the Linux machine, an error is received about utilities for stopping and uninstalling the license manager that cannot be found.
The customer is asked for the correct location but no choice can be made that satisfies the program.
The reason for this appears to be that the license manager for 8.1 was not stopped and uninstalled before installing the ANSYS 9.0 license manager.
This results in an old directory named linuxia32 and a new directory linia32.
If the license manager for version 8.1 is removed before installation of the new license manager, the linuxia32 directory doesn't exist and there is no problem.

What is causing this to happen?

The 9.0 install can't shut down earlier license managers from 8.1 or prior because we changed the directory naming.
The workaround is to shut down the license manager before installation of the new version.

The install for 10.0 will be changed to also look for the old directory structure when attempting to shut down the license manager during installation.

This is an issue for linia64, linia32, and hp64 machines.

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