When I try to run a simulation with frozen rotor it works fine. However when I change to stage interface I get the following error warning. Why?
| ERROR #555000001 has occurred in subroutine SRF_CORRECT.
| Message:
| GGI intersection error: The theta extent is too small on
| Domain Interface:
| Please examine your domain interface and look for the following:
| 1) surface with more than 360 degrees of revolution
| 2) surface intersects R=0
| 3) surface has faces normal AND parallel to the rotation axis
| Change Transformation Type to None instead of Automatic in the
| solver command file if any of the 3 situations apply.

Your interface has R=0. For frozen rotor the problem is circumvented using Transformation Type None.
There is no similar setting for stage interface, but a workaround might be to introduce a small finite radius at the interface.
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