Customer has ANSYS 9.0 SP1 running on a XEON with Linux OS. He has installed the EM64T version of ANSYS.
ANSYS is working fine but Help will not start from inside ANSYS. If he starts Help from the Launcher or directly with anshelp90, it works.
Customer says that he gets no error messages.

After setting HELPDEBUG_ANS, the following is written to the output file:

javaid is 26049
try connecting again 1114443577
time to connect 0
hlp_sendcommand on sock19 with MERGE: /ansys_inc/v90/ansys/../commonfiles/help/en-us/ansys.jar

What is causing Help to not start inside ANSYS 9.0 SP1 on the EM64T running Redhat AS 3.0 Linux?

There was a problem with a path in the AnsysHelp.tcl file. It was pointing to oracle_ice.jar when it should have been pointing to: oracle_ice5.jar.
Attached is the new AnsysHelp.tcl file. Replace the AnsysHelp.tcl file, located in the /ansys_inc/v90/ansys/lib/scripts directory, with the file that is attached to this solution.

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