How to delete empty parts?

Although parts seem to be empty it is possible that there is still linked information sometimes. It is also possible that you have dormant entities in these "empty" families, which are not directly visible. Use the following procedure to get rid of empty parts:

1. Close the mesh with File / Mesh / Close
2. Display only the parts which you want to delete, e.g. which are assumed to be empty, in the Parts tree
3. In Geometry make all types of entities visible.
If there is something visible, then the part is not empty and the entity should be moved to the correct part or getting deleted.
4. Display the dormant entities by using the right mouse click on the Points and on the Curves in the Geometry tree. Select for both types the option "Show Dormant" and "Show Point/Curve Names", which makes it easier to find the entities in the viewer, in case they are very small.
5. Delete the visible (dormant) entities. Please take care that the option "Delete Permanently" is active, otherwise they will remain dormant.
6. Select File / Attributes / Close to close the family boco file. This will be re-generated when next time opening the project.
7. Now right mouse click on Parts and select "Delete empty Parts". Now the empty parts should disappear.
8.Save the project

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