User is trying to open a .grph file and the Display program gives an error message: error writing "file8":broken pipe.
Starting the Display program and closing it via File > Exit also causes the broken pipe error message.

The traditional environment in interactive mode as well as in batch mode is functioning properly.

The machine is AMD Opteron - Redhat WS 3.0.

Do you know a possible cause for this issue?

We were able to reproduce the `broken pipe` error with the ANSYS 9.0 Display program on our Redhat WS 3.0, however, ANSYS10.0 Display program worked fine.
I have attached a new display.e90 file to this solution.
Once you receive the new file, rename the original display.e90 under /ansys_inc/v90/ansys/bin/linop64 directory to display.e90.orig, and save the one attached to this solution into the same directory.

This issue was only observed with Redhat WS 3.0. All other platforms work as expected.

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