When trying to run in parallel, the following error occurs:

An error has occured in CFX5Solve:
Cannot connect PVM configuration
error calling PVM on unknown table format

An error has occured in CFX5Solve:
unable to find lost table in output damon
PVM already running
error adding host af.me.umist.ac.uk

An error has occured in CFX5Solve:
cannot locate current host in host list!

Why am I getting this error message?

This is most likely caused by the fact that a previous parallel run has crashed.
Often when this happens some temporary files are not cleaned up.
These files sit in the /tmp directory and have the form /tmp/pvm*.<user id number>.* where <user id number> is the id number that belongs to the user trying to run.
To fix the problem remove all the files of type /tmp/pvm* that you own.
On a windows machine the temporary folder is likely to be somewhere like C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsTemp

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