Change from perspective to orthographic

if you want to change the default camera setting from perspective to orthographic ...
If you want to change the default setting for the camera from perspective to orthographic, here is what you need to do.

1) Create a .cortex or .fluent file in your home directory
2) Put the following contents in the .cortex or .fluent file

(define (cx-reset-default-var s v)
(let ((p (cx-var-object s)))
(if p
(set-cdr! p (list (cadr p) (caddr p) v))
(error "cx-var-value-set!: undefined variable" s))))

(cx-reset-default-var 'projection "orthographic")

NOTE that for NT users, you need to create a HOME environment variable, which is under Control Panel->System. Also, NT might not allow you to name a file as .cortex or .fluent in the GUI. Then, name the file as new.cortex and put it in the home directory. The home directory is indicated by HOME variable. Use the following DOS command to change the name

d:myhome>move new.cortex .cortex

Each time fluent is launched. The .cortex or .fluent will be loaded and the commands in the file will be executed, which will change the setting for you. Note that this only works for Fluent6 not fluent5.

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