User receives the following error when trying to run Icem CFD 5.1 on SGI altix machine for a new user.

[root@bng1sgialtix01 bin]# /software/icemcfd5.1/sgialtix/v90/icemcfd/5.1-linux64/bin/icemcfd &
[1] 24366
[root@bng1sgialtix01 bin]# ICEM_ACN is /software/icemcfd5.1/sgialtix/v90/icemcfd/5.1-linux64
Hallo root.
Determining Licensing Options
/software/icemcfd5.1/sgialtix/v90/icemcfd/5.1-linux64/bin/test_licensing: Exec format error. Wrong Architecture.
HAS_AIENV: Undefined variable.

[1]+ Exit 1 /software/icemcfd5.1/sgialtix/v90/icemcfd/5.1-linux64/bin/icemcfd

What could cause this error?

In this case, the customer's ICEM_ACN path was incorrect.
After setting this correctly, the user was able to run.

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