**** Entered By: akpaul @ 05/02/2005 05:18 AM ****
Q. I created an expression, areaInt(Velocity*1000 [kg m^-3])@Outlet in CFX-Post. The Value of this expression does not update when I load the intermediate timesteps of a transient solution and click 'Apply' on the expression evaluator form.

A. This is known defect (#33583) in CFX-Post (v 5.7.1 , SP1). Until the error is fixed, you can use the following w


1- Create an expression, myExp1 = Velocity*1000 [kg m^-3])
2- Create a user variable ,myVar1 = myExp1
3- Create a new expression myExp2 = areaInt(myExp1)@Outlet

myExp2 will update when a new timestep is loaded (If using GUI, you will have to click on 'Apply' on the expression evaluator form.)

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