When using Workbench Asynchronous Solution / Remote Solve, Is it possible to save the .fadb results file and manually read them on the local PC.

By default, the Remote solve transfers the files back to the PC, then deletes the solver files and directory.

How to Save Unix Files and manually read results on local PC

1. In Simulation > Variable Manager
Add a new variable:
Variable : save unix files
Value : 1
...be sure to Check the checkbox.
This prevents the Ansys files on the Unix box from getting deleted. Then you can telnet to the Unix box and look at solve.out.

2. Set the PC Solver Working Directory to System Directory. This is often referred to as the Windows Temp Directory.

In Workbench
Options > Simulation > Solution
Default Process Settings - Local Machine
Set: Solver Working Directory > System Directory

3. Verify the location of the System Directory

At a Windows Command Prompt, type:

C:Documents and Settings<user_name>Local SettingsTemp

Or, in a Windows Explorer Address bar, type %TEMP% , then Press ENTER. (Not Search!!)
The Explorer will navigate you to the System Directory

4. Copy the Ansys files from the Unix machine to your local PC Solver Working Directory determined in Step 3.
5. Insert an Environment level Command object with "/eof" as the text
6. Solve on Local Machine (NOT going to Unix). ANSYS will run, and quit before the solve due to the /eof.
7. Simulation will read the results.

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