Do you have an example of circuit coupling (CIRCU124) used in combination with electric field elements (SOLID231) used to model fields and current in biological tissue?

The attached zip file contains an example.

A simplified 3D model of an electrode embedded in a cube of `tissue` having spatially varying orthotropic electrical resistivity as described in the presentation. The old model (no circuit coupling) can be reproduced by reading mdl02.inp into ANSYS interactively (runs in a couple of minutes).

The circuit coupled version is mdl03.inp. Plot file007.png shows the model and coupled degree of freedom set to couple the CIRCU124 node to the electrode surface. Plot file006.png shows the time variation of the voltage of the driven node on the bottom of the circuit and the top node that is coupled in the VOLT DOF to nodes on the electrode surface in the finite element model.

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