I only have an 8.1 DesignSpace license. I inadvertently set the Contact Options
to allow edge to face contact, which is not supported with this license. I set up
the contact, saved the model, and exited DesignSpace. Now, when I try to open
the .DSDB database, it comes up in read-only mode, since that feature is not
supported with my license. Is this a known error?

Yes. Defect 29780 was filed and corrected in the UP20050422 build of ANSYS
Workbench. Now, when you try to use unsupported features (that were set under
Tools > Options > Contact), Simulation advises you that your license does not
support those features and will not let you save a database that would only be
read-only in subsequent sessions. Once you remove the unsupported feature,
the program will allow you to save the database.


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