When trying to run launcher90 or anslic_admin HP IA64, user is getting the following error:

The ANSYS Launcher could not be started.

The most likely reason is that your DISPLAY environment
variable is either not set (i.e. issue setenv DISPLAY
dev:0.0 where dev is your device name) or is set to a
device that is not accepting the connection.

DISPLAY is set correctly. What could be causing this error?

On HP IA64 systems running 11.23 September 2004 patches or newer, any ANSYS Tcl-based application will fail to open a GUI due to bad system xnet libraries. This includes the launcher, ans_admin, and anslic_admin. This issue is a problem for both console and telnet/exceed runs.

Important NOTE: There is a similar message when running at the console that simply requires xhost to be enabled for the current machine. Please try the xhost fix first if the user is running on the console.

Basic steps to fix:

1) Download the three attached system libraries (or request the libraries from ANSYS Technical Support).
Expected sizes:
libX11.so.1 --> 3899984
libxnet.so.1 --> 37088
libxti.so.1 --> 312456

2) Copy the files to the shared_files/lib/hpia64/ and the v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64 directories.
cp libX11.so.1 /ansys_inc/shared_files/lib/hpia64/
cp libxnet.so.1 /ansys_inc/shared_files/lib/hpia64/
cp libxti.so.1 /ansys_inc/shared_files/lib/hpia64/
cp libX11.so.1 /ansys_inc/v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64/
cp libxnet.so.1 /ansys_inc/v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64/
cp libxti.so.1 /ansys_inc/v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64/

3) Make sure the permissions on the new libraries are 755
chmod 755 /ansys_inc/shared_files/lib/hpia64/libX11.so.1
chmod 755 /ansys_inc/shared_files/lib/hpia64/libxnet.so.1
chmod 755 /ansys_inc/shared_files/lib/hpia64/libxti.so.1
chmod 755 /ansys_inc/v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64/libX11.so.1
chmod 755 /ansys_inc/v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64/libxnet.so.1
chmod 755 /ansys_inc/v90/commonfiles/Tcl/lib/hpia64/libxti.so.1

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