Customer is running ANSYS 9.0 on windows platform using a file server installation.
The ANSYS executables reside on a w2000 server, while the client machines are running Windows XP.
ANSYS runs on the client machines fine, with the exception of the help system.
When the help system comes up, the left side table of contents appears and he is able to navigate, but when he selects a topic, the right side of the help screen indicates that it's unable to display the page.

Why is the help documentation not accessible from client machines?

This issue seems to be a Microsoft problem. We`ve seen this here.
It only happens when a user applies a certain Microsoft patch.
We are in the process of writing something up for the 10.0 Release Notes or Errata. It is still being worked on.

We found several articles that described the problem and possible solutions, but this is the only article that resolved the problem here:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

Be very careful with this solution, since you have to make changes to the registry.

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