I would like to compare different results in CFX-Post, but it seems that you can only load one results file at a time.

You can create a "frozen variable" in CFX-Post to allow easy comparisons between two sets of results.
Start by loading your first results file. Go to the Variables tab, create a new Variable and select the Method as Frozen Copy. CFX-Post will make a copy of which ever variable you select. You can then load your second results file into CFX-Post; the frozen copy variable will still be available and unchanged. You can use this variable in plots and expressions like any other variable.

It is often useful to be able to compare two plots side-by-side. Once you have created a frozen variable this can be done as follows.
First, split the Viewer into 2 viewports using the Viewer toolbar icon.
Next create two plots on the area of interest; one plot using the frozen variable and one using the variable from the current results file. If you are using a boundary as a locator, then you will need to make a copy of that boundary so that you can have two plots at the same time. To copy a boundary, create a Surface Group and select the boundary as the location.
Once you have two plots you can use the Filter in the Viewer toolbar to remove one plot from each of the viewports, leaving you with a side-by-side comparison of results.

You can extend this method to more than 2 sets of results if necessary.

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