With ICEM CFD 5.1, the customer was unable to create a body point using Geometry > Create Body > Material Point > Centroid of 2 points. Despite selecting 2 locations and clicking the middle button to confirm, a body point was not created.

Save the project end exit ICEM CFD. Locate the cache files written by ICEM CFD and remove them. To locate and delete the cache files:

On Windows:

1. Open a command prompt window
2. Type "set USER", and see the values set for USERNAME, and USERPROFILE
3. Go to %USERPROFILE% area, and delete all cache files (.aienv*) related to ICEM CFD/AI*Environment

Please note that if you have a remote home area then the cache files may be located there.

On Unix:

Remove all the cache files for ICEMCFD / AI*Environment from your home area with the command:

rm ~/.aienv*

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