When a user tries to run Workbench from a PC with exceed, the program freezes with a blank white screen. Are there any known problems trying to run Workbench using exceed? If so, what is the workaround?

There is a patch for exceed that fixes this problem. The customer will need to install exceed v9.0.0.28 in order to run Workbench.

<a target=_blank href="http://connectivity.hummingbird.com/support/patches/nc/exceed/900/exceed_win32_90028.html">http://connectivity.hummingbird.com/support/patches/nc/exceed/900/exceed_win32_90028.html</a>http://connectivity.hummingbird.com/support/patches/nc/exceed/900/exceed_win32_90028.html

It was also fixed in these versions of Exceed.

# Exceed v8.0.0.33
# Exceed v10.0.0.8

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