After I uninstalled ANSYS Workbench 10.0 Preview 2 from my Windows XP PC,
I installed the production build of ANSYS Workbench 10.0. However, some of
the windows are now messed up. For example, in DesignModeler 10.0, the
Tree Outline pane is missing and the Details View pane is blank. Issuing

View > Restore Original Window Layout

does not clear up the problem, either. Why?

There is a conflict with some of your old preference settings that need to get
wiped out, so that a new, correct set of preference files will automatically be
created in their place. Go to the directory:

C:Documents and SettingsuseridApplication DataAnsysv100

where "userid" will be your user login ID. Now delete all of the files that end
in "*Win.xml". You could first copy these files to a temporary directory, for
added safety, but they will be recreated (correctly this time) when you fire up
ANSYS Workbench 10.0 production and use the various modules.

P.S. You most likely need to select `Show hidden files and folders`
under "Tools > Folder Options ... > View" to access this directory
using Microsoft Windows Explorer ...

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