Is ANSYS Release 10.0 and Workbench with CFX operational and supported on the Windows XP 64-bit AMD Opteron processor or EM64T platform?

ANSYS/WB 10.0 will not be supported on Windows XP x64 at the initial release, but will be supported with the first service pack for Release 10.0, to be released sometime in the fall.

CFX 10.0 is supported on Windows XP x64 using the 32-bit CFX 10.0 executables. A full 64-bit version will be available at Release 11.0.
Support of ANSYS CFX integration in Workbench and other Workbench-specific products are only available on Workbench-supported platforms.

This info can be found in the Customer Portal download area for CFX. Select "ANSYS CFX Products 10.0 PDF Install Files here".
Then select "Supported Platforms".

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