I'm using the Monte Carlo radiation model in CFX-5. My run dies at the first radiation call with a message about there being too many iterations while using Monte Carlo. The error message from the solver is:
| ERROR #666000005 has occurred in subroutine WALK. |
| Message: |
| |
| Too many iterations while using Monte Carlo. |
| This may possible be due to: |
| 1 - Highly reflective walls |
| 2 - Small absorption coefficient |
| 3 - Symmetry planes are too close, i.e. 2D geometry |
| 4 - Geometry specification error |
This ambiguous error message occurs in CFX-5.7.1 and earlier. What is causing this error?

Check to make sure that a sensible refractive index is defined for the material used for the domain(s) where radiation is active.
This error message has occurred on several occasions when users have set the refractive index to 0.
The refractive index should always be greater than or equal to 1.
A specific error message pointing to the actual problem is now reported by the solver in CFX-10.0.

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