I have created a simple 2D geometry in ICEM, I have meshed it and now want to
extrude the surface mesh. I have tried using the extrude mesh button but it
didn't extrude in the same direction. How do I extrude the mesh by 1 cell?

1) Open ICEM CFD 5.1 and create a new project in your working directory.

2) On the Geometry tab click on repair geometry and apply with defaults settings. All the lines should turn red.

3) Click on Mesh panel and goto Set global Mesh size.

4) Set the scale factor to be something that looks appropriate (use the Display toggle to see the size relative to the geometry) and the maximum element to be 1.0 and press Apply.

5) Goto Mesh Tet. and click on Method-From Geometry. Click off smooth mesh and apply with defaults.

6) Create a Part named meshed, say, (bottom left of screen) and pick all the mesh on one of the symmetry faces (use View-side view). Click on Choose entities and then click on the right hand button ` Toggle selection of mesh. Press apply

7) At this point you might want to make use of the smooth and/or tet2hex conversion (12 tet to 1 hex)

8) Make the part Meshed not visible and then toggle on Volumes. Goto Edit mesh and choose the button on the right hand side, Delete mesh. Choose all the mesh and press Apply

9) Make the part meshed visible once more. Goto Mesh and Create mesh by extrude. Name the three parts (don`t use inherited) and choose number of elements 1. I normally use the extrusionmesh of choosing a curve. Press apply

10) This should give you a 2d mesh (or swept mesh if you have the number of cells to be more than 1)

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