I need to purchase a Fortran Compiler for my PC for CFX-5.7.1 but I am told that HP will discontinue Compaq Visual Fortran on December 31st 2005. They say:

"We recommend our Compaq Visual Fortran customers take advantage of the migration path to Intel Visual Fortran 9.0. We have worked with Intel to make the migration as easy and attractive as possible.

Intel has created a special web page at http://www.intel.com/software/products/compilers/upgrade_to_ivf.htm

It includes information on the migration path to Intel Visual Fortran Compilers including additional support for migration, a white paper to help port applications from Compaq Visual Fortran to Intel Visual Fortran, information on special upgrade pricing for CVF users, and more.

We are happy to be able to offer you special pricing for this migration;

Prices start at 121 pounds + VAT for the Standard email version. The full price list is listed on our web-site, but I will be happy to send you a quotation on request.

When placing your order for an Intel Visual Fortran compiler, please be sure to quote your existing Compaq Visual Fortran V6.6 licence number. Please let me know if you need any more information or help."

What should I do?

HP are definitely discontinuing Compaq Visual Fortran (CVF) at the end of this year, but it is still listed for sale at <a target=_blank href="http://www.polyhedron.co.uk">http://www.polyhedron.co.uk</a>http://www.polyhedron.co.uk It has not been developed for quite a while because Intel took it over and it became part of Intel Fortran.

CVF users can upgrade to Intel Fortran for $200 (normally $499) until the end of the year.

We are moving to Intel Fortran for CFX 11.0.

We are currently testing Intel Fortran for compiling userfortran in ANSYS CFX 10.0. The initial results look promising.

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