I'm having a problem with a cyclic symmetry model that I am trying to use in LS-DYNA. I keep getting the message "Rotated nodes not allowed with LS-DYNA elements", and thus I cannot run the model in LS-DYNA. As far as I can tell cyclic symmetry is available in LS-DYNA, but I run into this problem every time I try to use it. Do you have an example of how to do such an analysis?

Here is a cyclic symmetry example with initial angular velocity in ANSYS implicit followed by a implicit-explicit sequential solution in LS-DYNA. Please see the attached readme file for instructions.

Note there is a bug in the ANSYS EDBOUND,ADD,CYCL command (that writes the *BOUNDARY_CYCLIC in the Dyna .k file). There is a workaround for the bug, which is to edit the .k file. See attached readme file for details and also simple example input files.

Note that nodal rotation is NOT allowed in ANSYS LS-DYNA. Cyclic symmetry is instead achieved with the EDBOUND command.

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