Several pop-up windows (panels) of CFX-Pre do not appear. For instance the client can create a new domain name (the small pop-up window for assigning a name appears), but the subsequent pop-up window for defining domain properties is not appearing on the screen. Occured for CFX-5.7.1 and CFX-10 on Windows 2000 SP4:

Settings in the user preferences in the (hidden) directory C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAME.cfx have settings for displaying the pop-up windows outside of the current visible screen. Sometimes also the GUI appearance can be affected by these settings. Most probably the file CFXPreference.ccl is responsible for this behavior.

Solution: Delete the file CFXPreference.ccl or all files in this directory, or move them to another directory. CFX programs will create new settings files on startup. All old settings will be lost, on the other hand.

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