I would like to know if ANSYS has orthogonal visco-elastic material properties for use with composites?
My understanding is that neither NASTRAN nor ABAQUS offer this. I use both composites and viscoelasticity
and have structures that require both. Can ANSYS solve this problem?

The answer to your question is a definite maybe.

We can do orthotropic elastic materials but the relaxation using the Prony series will be isotropic. Meaning that
the relaxation will be the same for all directions but that the starting stiffness can be different in different directions.

I created a sample input to demostrate this. It is a plate simply supported at the corners with a uniform pressure applied.
I did both a SOLID185 model and a SHELL181 model as a check to insure that I was inputting the data correctly. Only one
layer is viscoelastic. The results for the elastic analyses are very good and the results including the viscoelasticity are acceptable.

If the user needs to have different Prony relaxation functions in different directions, the only option would be USERMAT.


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