After RESUMing a db file created in ANSYS Release 9.0 or earlier into Release 10.0, why does the program abort when CDWRITE or PARSAV,ALL is issued?

There is a defect (#38590) regarding string array dimensions. A string array can have a first dimension of up to 128. However, Release 10.0 multiples the first dimension of a string array by a factor of 8 when an ANSYS 9.0 or earlier db file is RESUmed. For example, a string array of 16 by 4 in a 9.0 db file will become 128 by 4 when RESUmed into Release 10.0.

Issuing the *STAT command will show any user created string arrays. The GUI may create string arrays that begin with the underscore character and will require the use of *STAT,_PRM to be listed. String arrays can be removed by issuing "*SET,sname(1)" or "sname(1)=" where sname is the string array parameter name. Only the first dimension of string arrays is affected. Any string array dimensioned in
Release 10.0 whose first dimension is 128 or less will not encounter this behavior.

Additionally, the behavior of *DIM for string arrays was revised at Release 10.0 to round the first dimension up to the next multiple of 8. (For example, if the first dimension is specified as 6, the program will automatically round it up to 8.) However the documentation was not updated.

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