Why were references removed from the 10.0 Distributed ANSYS documentation for the Windows platform?

At ANSYS 9.0, Distributed ANSYS was Beta on the Windows Platform, however the Shared Memory Distributed Solvers
were not. Distributed ANSYS and Distributed Solvers shared the same installation instructions.

At 10.0 Distributed ANSYS is still Beta on the Windows Platform. Now, since the Distributed solvers are no longer standalone
(meaning you must run distributed ANSYS to use them), the documentation for the Windows platform was removed because we do not
document Beta features.

Distributed ANSYS on the Windows platform should still work the same as it did in 9.0, it is just not documented
since it is Beta.

In ANSYS 11.0, Distributed ANSYS should no longer be Beta and everything should be documented and supported as normal features.

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