I have a set of runs that needs to be solved. Is there a way I can define
a list of runs to start one after another in the solver mode. For example,
run #1 start in parallel mode, runs until max number of iteration is
reached or residuals are reached, stop solver, start run #2 and repeat
until all runs on the list are completed.

This can easily be done using Perl scripts.

An example which modifies a flow rate and uses results from previous runs as a restart for
subsequent runs is shown below. It runs in local parallel and is based on a definition
file named static.def.

To run the script, bring up the CFX-5 command line from the CFX-5 launcher (Tools/Command Line) and type:

perl doRuns_2.pl

where doRuns_2.pl is the name given to the Perl file created for this particular script.

# Simple script to do a series of runs with varying inlet velocities.
# This is a smarter version that allows the user to specify an initial
# conditions file,

#set up a hash for the name, speed and initial file for each run
%run1= (NAME => "static", SPEED => "2 [m/s]", INIT => "");
%run2= (NAME => "static", SPEED => "3 [m/s]", INIT => "static_001.res");
%run3= (NAME => "static", SPEED => "4 [m/s]", INIT => "static_002.res");

# Create a list of references to the runs
@runList = (%run1, %run2, %run3);

# do some error checking in the run list to make sure all necessary data is
# defined before we start anything.
$errors = 0;
foreach $run (@runList) {
if (!defined($run->{NAME})) {
print "Found run without a name.n";
$errors = 1;
if (!defined($run->{SPEED})) {
print "No speed found for " . $run->{NAME} . ".n";
$errors = 1;
if (!defined($run->{INIT})) {
print "No initial file found for " . $run->{NAME} . ".n";
$errors = 1;

if ($errors) {
die "Errors found in run definitions. Aborting.n";

#loop over the list
foreach $run (@runList) {
$name = $run->{NAME};
$speed = $run->{SPEED};
$initFile = $run->{INIT};

# make sure the initial file exists and is readable
if (! -r $initFile) {
print "Warning: Initial conditions file $initFile not found for run $name.n";
print " Proceeding with default initial conditionsn";
$initCmd = "";
} else {
$initCmd = "-ini $initFile";

#Open the solver to accept some CCL from STDIN
open(SOLVER,"|cfx5solve -def static.def -name $name $initCmd -par-local -part 2 -ccl -");

# send off the CCL to modify the BC
print SOLVER "FLOW:n";
print SOLVER " DOMAIN : fluidn";
print SOLVER " BOUNDARY : inlet1n";
print SOLVER " Normal Speed = $speedn";
print SOLVER " ENDn";
print SOLVER " ENDn";
print SOLVER " ENDn";
print SOLVER " ENDn";
print SOLVER "ENDn";
close(SOLVER); # start the run

} # end of loop

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