I am using the input file appearing in Fluid Analysis Guide Section 16.3.3. I cannot figure out how to plot the calculated structural mode shapes and contour the squeeze film element pressure.

This input file uses the RMFLVEC command and subsequently calls the ABEXTRACT command macro (which in turn places 2 calls to another macro called DMPEXT - once for each of the 2 beam mode shapes). The RMFLVEC command overwrites the mode shape results on jobname.rst. Additionally, each time DMPEXT is called, previously calculated results on jobname.rst are overwritten. In the end, the only results on jobname.rst will be those calculated by the second call to DMPEXT.

The attached version of the input file for fluids guide section 16.3.3 saves the modal analysis results to another file before the RMFLVEC command. Additionally, it does not use ABEXTRACT. Instead, it calls DMPEXT twice, but unlike ABEXTRACT, it saves results to separate results files for each call to DMPEXT. This allows me to post process modal results and squeeze film element pressure for both modes 1 and 2. Essentially, what was needed her was some file handling. This aspect of the usage of these commands is not clearly documented.

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