I have a new Dell with Dual XEONs with the windows 64-bit operating system.
I tried to install the Windows IA64 ANSYS version, and it says it needs an Itanium.
Have I bought the wrong computer? What are my options?

The ANSYS 10.0 IA64 download is specifically for the Intel Itanium processor.

The Dual Xeon machine running the Windows x64 Operating System is not supported yet.
We are currently working on a build for the Intel EM64T and AMD Opteron running x64.
This x64 build should be available early to mid November.

In the meantime, the ANSYS 32-bit build (IA32) should install and run on this machine with no problems.
It just will not take advantage of the 64-bit extensions on the EM64T chip.

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