How can I schedule a CFX-10 run on Windows to start at a time in the future?

If you go to the Start menu, then Control Panel, then Scheduled Tasks, you will see an application that you can use to schedule your CFX run.

From the application, select Add scheduled Task.
You can then go through the wizard to set the task up. Select Browse and find the installation directory of CFX, and get to something like:
C:Program FilesANSYS IncCFXCFX-10.0bin And select cfx5solve.exe
Then choose One Time only, select a time, user name and password details, select the Open advanced properties for this task...

Under the different tabs, you might want to select:
Task: add any options you need to in the Run data area eg -def <deffilename> Change the folder where you want the run to start in - as it will have been defaulted to the installation directory - so you do need to change that.

Settings: Unselect the Stop the Task.... Check that the other options on this tab are as you want

Note that you could this Scheduled Task application to also run in parallel. You would need to add the extra option on the command line -start-method "MPICH Local Parallel <Windows>"

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