Customer has tested Windows 64-bit on INTEL and AMD processors and it seems that ANSYS runs faster on the Intel Em64T running Windows x64 than it does on an AMD Opteron running Windows x64.

1) Intel Xeon64 3.6Ghz
2) AMD Opteron64 252 (4.6 Ghz)

The AMD is a faster processor. Why does this occur?

This is a known problem with 32-bit ANSYS on AMD 64-bit chips.
We are looking into it and it appears the problem is related to Intel`s MKL library.

In short, 32-bit ANSYS will run on Intel and AMD 64-bit processors but it is designed to run on 32-bit systems.
We make no guarantees or claims of performance of 32-bit ANSYS on 64-bit processors.

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