How can I monitor forces during my simulation using Newtons instead of dimensionless coefficients in FLUENT?

FLUENT always monitors forces using dimensionless coefficients. These are defined as

Coefficient = Force/(0.5ρV2A) (1)

Force = Viscous + Pressure Force (on selected boundaries)
ρ = Reference Density
V = Reference Velocity
A = Reference Area

Hence, the user needs to make the denominator in (1) equal to unity to get FLUENT to report force in N. A simple way to do this is to place

ρ= 2 kg/m3
V = 1 m/s
A = 1 m2

In the Report -> Reference Values panel in FLUENT.

The only reference value which requires changing from the default value is the Reference Density to 2 kg/m3.

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