User has installed Ansys Workbench 10.0 and the plugin for AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 2006 (MDT2006), but the menu is not displayed in MDT.

The mechanism by which MDT handles third-party menus has changed in MDT2006. Use the following procedure to manually add the menu.

Use the following procedure to add the menu.

Install AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 2006
Install Ansys Workbench 10.0
- Select the CAD interface for AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 2004

Open AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 2006
Assist > Options
In the Options dialog, select the Files tab
Expand : Support File Search Path
Scroll down the list and locate the following path:
C:Documents and Settings<user_name>Application DataAutodeskAutodesk Mechanical Desktop 2006R16.2enuSupport
Select (Highlight) the path, then on the right side of the dialog, press the Move Up repeatedly to move the path to the top of the list.
Select OK to apply the changes and close the Options dialog.

Assist > Customize > Menus
In the Load/Unload Customizations dialog > Select: Browse

In the Select Customization File browse dialog,
Set the Files of Type: Legacy Menu Template (*.mnu)
Browse to: C:Program FilesANSYS Incv100AISOLCAD IntegrationMD2004intelWorkBench100.mnu
Select: Open to close the browse dialog.
In the Load/Unload Customizations dialog, select Load
Select Close

Ansys 10.0 menu option should appear in the Menu Bar.

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