I would like to calculate the interphase drag coefficient Cd in CFX-Post 10.0.
I notice that in the VARIABLES file there is setting Output to Postprocessor = No with Cd.
Is it possible just change this to Yes? If it is, can I use a local version of VARIABLES file instead of that in the cfx root directory?

You can change it locally by adding it to your CCL.
CFX-Pre 10.0 will have a problem reading it if the CCL is in the .def file, so I suggest the folowing:
1. Create a ccl file called var_changes.ccl, say.
Variables are in the Library section so an example of your CCL might be:
Any changes you want to make ` you don`t need to specify everything

2. Use the CCL file by using the option -ccl, when you use the command line command for cfx5solve. For example:
cfx5solve -def run.def -ccl var_changes.ccl

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