Class 3 Error

The variables 'Heat Flux' and 'Wall Heat Flux' available in CFX-Post can be significantly different at fluid-solid interfaces boundaries.

The variable 'Wall Heat Flux' is calculated by the solver as a boundary only hybrid field and as such is subject to averaging issues as well as mesh edge effects. The variable 'Heat Flux' is based on the integration point energy flows which are directly read from the results file by CFX-Post. This is why the plots of the two variables, and any quantitative calculations performed using these variables, will be different. For quantitative calculations the more accurate 'Heat Flux' variable is recommended for boundaries in any Fluid Domain. However, the user should also ensure that convergence levels are tight (ideally maximum energy residuals < 1E-3). The actual boundary heat flows across fluid-solid interfaces can be monitored in the Solver Manager.

Note that the 'Heat Flux' variable is currently absent from the results file for Solid Domai


Release 11.0

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