After installing a new FLEXlm for SolidWorks, the ANSYS FLEXlm License Manager doesn't work anymore.
Opening FlEXlm LMTOOLS Utility, there is no ANSYS FLEXlm License Manager listed, but
checking Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Sertvices, one can still see the ANSYS FlEXlm License Manager listed as a Service.
A reinstall of the ANSYS FLEXlm doesn't resolve the problem.

What causes this?

The cause is unknown, since we do not know how SolidWorks updates their FLEXlm License Server.

What has happened is the following Registry keys and subkeys for the ANSYS FLEXlm License Manager have been deleted somehow:

The following keys still exist, and this is why it is still seen as a service under control panel->Administrative tools->Services
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesANSYS FLEXlm license manager

In this customer's case, deleting these registry keys and reinstalling the ANSYS License Manager fixed the problem.

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