I have CFX results file from a simulation with several million nodes. When loading this into CFX-Post I get an error:
Unable to load file:


The only file types which CFX-Post can currently read are:
1) CFX Results or Definition files
2) CFX Mesh files
3) CFX-4 Dump files
4) CFX-TASCflow files (must have grd/rso, bcf and prm files)
5) CGNS Files

It is likely that you have reached the 2GB file size limit for 32-bit systems. Check to see if the res file is larger than 2GB and if so, you will need to post process it on a 64-bit system.

Any other options?

Not really, this is a fundamental limitation of 32-bit systems. If you are close to the limit, you could try writing Essential results files, which just contain a limited set of variables, instead of Full results files.

So if I write an Essential results files but then need a full results file later, can I get it?

Yes, just change the Def file to specify Full results files, use the Essential res file as the initial guess and run for one more iteration.

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