In the installation manual for CFX10 it says:

Distributed parallel using MPICH cannot be set up using a mixture of UNIX and Windows machines.

Does this apply if it is just the master node on the Windows machine and all the compute slaves on a linux cluster? If so, is the only way that this machine configuration can be used to run with PVM?

On Windows platforms we use MPICH-NT while on UNIX/Linux platforms we use MPICH. MPICH-NT and MPICH are not compatible. So you cannot use MPICH where you are using both Windows and Linux even if the Windows machine is only being used as the master.

PVM is currently the only way to run on a heterogeneous network of Windows and Unix machines.

FYI There has been a lot of activity in the Windows distributed parallel area recently so we would not be surprised if this changes in the near future.

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