What does the following error mean?

| An error has occurred in cfx5solve: |
| |
| Unable to start the PVM daemon on host ims1388 (IMS-1388). This |
| may indicate that the PVM daemon is already running on that host, |
| or that it left files in /tmp on that host because it did not exit |
| cleanly last time it was run. |

Possible causes are:
The pvmd daemon uses temporary files when in operation. Sometimes these temporary pvm files can remain and cause problems.
On a unix machine these files are stored in /tmp and begin with the prefixes pvmd and pvml
On a windows machine these files can be stored in C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsTemp (or possibly C:WindowsTemp or C:Temp) and begin with the prefixes PVMD or PVML,
where <username> refers to the users username.
Deleting these files should resolve the problem

The hosts.ccl file cannot cope with spaces in the pathnames. This typically happens on windows machines using the standard installation directory C:Program FilesAnsys Inc...
This is easy to check because the installation root path used by the solver is reported in the output file, e.g.:
Installation Root = C:Program FilesAnsys IncCFXCFX-%v
The solver gets this information from the hosts.ccl file.

To resolve the problem equivalent DOS names need to be used instead in the hosts.ccl file, e.g.:
Installation Root = C:Progra~1AnsysI~1CFXCFX-%v

This problem typically occurs when users upgrade to a newer version of CFX and forget to copy the previously modified hosts.ccl file from the old version.
The host.ccl file is stored in the config sub-directory of the CFX installation directory.
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